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Seller Terms & Conditions

- All Sellers can upload their products for free on platform. There is no limit of uploaded goods.

- Seller has a full responsibility for information about his products, price, shipping cost and quality.

- All products, sold by Seller, must have a label or signs, set up by International Law. All food products must have an expiring date on the label or sign.

- Seller has an obligation to supply with valid bank information for payments.
- All contacts between Seller and Customer must be via Seller personal cabinet.

- E-mail addresses, websites, phone numbers or any other contact details out of are not allowed.

- Seller has responsibility  to ship a sold product to Customer in described condition after payment  has been received.

- charge each successful sale with a low commission fee. This amount is deducted from the total    sale price of the product. (See Seller Control Panel).
- When a customer is placing an order and make a payment, the payment is received by, commission is deducted & then the payment is sent to seller.

- will give a possibility to Seller to promote his enterprise, using advertisement options (see pricing), mentioned in the section “Advertise with us”.

- has the right to change terms & conditions without any notice.
- Customer has the right to leave a feedback for Seller, in case to increase or decrease his status on the platform.

- For better Seller promotion set up a rating of Sellers as follows, with special marks on their   profile:

 Good Seller – over 50 sales
 Trusted Seller – over 100 sales
 Bronze Seller – over 300 sales
 Silver Seller – over 600 sales
 Golden Seller – over 1200 sales.

Registering as a seller

Register your new account using the link on top of the homepage.
After you fill the form with your store information click "Submit".
Your apply for a new account will revised by Team, after this your account will be approved and activated.
Log in to your account using your credentials. You will be redirected to your store Control Panel. From here you can manage your products, check your orders & view your statistics. 
When a customer has a question about a product you sell he will open a ticket or send you a message. These messages & support tickets you can view from "Tickets" section in your Control Panel.
If you have any issues or questions about using the platform you can contact directly support team using support tickets or sending an email.